ANIMATION : Learning Through Role-Play: Edu-Larp

A two-minute 2d-animation conveying research about Edu-larp as a teaching method in schools.
“Six students are taken on a learning voyage, where the most skeptic one ends up showing the way”

Designed, animated and directed by Henrik Malmgren. Customer: Dept.For Learning & Philosophy, Aalborg University, Denmark. Designed, animated and directed by Henrik Malmgren. Made in co-operation with Professor Lisa Gjedde, Dept. For Learning and Philosophy, Aalborg University, Denmark, and Troels Lindeberg.
Commissioned by EGMONT FONDEN. Thanks to Viborg Municipality.

“If you want to motivate and engage students with different starting points, Educational live action role-play: Edu-larp can be a way.
The idea of ​​a common goal provides a focus and a driving force that brings subject knowledge and social skills into play through a narrative frame.”

English version:

Danish version:

Screenshots from the film.


3 thoughts on “ANIMATION : Learning Through Role-Play: Edu-Larp

  1. Hi
    excellent video, really gets to the core of what LARP can achieve in education.
    (MC- teacher and role player)

  2. Well-structured edu-larps understand that emotion is extremely important in retaining key i 0 nformation, skills, and concepts.

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