MUSIC : ‘Universum Der Ozeane’

The game can be played here: ‪‬
AWARDS: red dot award serious games award 2011
Goodjobtudios was asked by Shift Control (Copenhagen) to make music and sound for a project they where making in cooperation with Hosoya Shafer and Unity Studios. The project was called ‘Universum der Oceane’ and was a game-like experience that accompanies the three-part documentary ‘Universum der Ozeane’ with Frank Schätzing on ZDF’s TerraX.
The game consisted of four levels for which GOODJOBSTUDIOS composed four music themes. They were to convey the ambience of the particular habitat the game designers wanted to illustrate with each level.

The game is online and available for iPad as well.

More info at:‬,1872,8217873,00.html?dr=1‬

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