GoodJobStudios is a small company founded by
Henrik Malmgren making pictures, music and narratives,
providing teaching and work-for-hire.

Customer list:
-TED Ed : Lessons Worth Sharing
-Level Rewind
-Bang & Olufsen, Denmark

-Aarhus Kommune, Denmark
-Huusman Media
-VIA University Collage, Denmark
-Shift Control with Hosoya Schaefer
-BBC, London

Henrik has taught at :
-Animation Workshop, Denmark
-Design School Kolding, Denmark
-Copenhagen University, Denmark (Visuel Kultur)
-Hyper Island, Sweden

Taught Subjects:
– 3D graphics (from sketch to final render)
– Animation (3D)
– Story and idea development
– Interaction design and/with Adobe Flash

GoodJobStudios is driven by the joy of creating projects, the delight to educate, and the pride in providing something useful to someone who needs it.
While developing projects of his own is a preferred focus for Henrik, he also enjoys teaching and doing work-for-hire, as it gives fresh input and new perspectives for everybody involved.
The ambition is to generate positive and engaging narratives, share knowledge and provide small scale quality services to people and companies.
If GoodJobStudios is too busy or simply can’t do it, Henrik will try to find somebody who can. With an ever growing network chances are that Henrik can find a helping hand.

/GoodJobStudios, 2014