“Goodjobstudios is a small full service studio that creates animated films/illustration, sound and music. With a design based approach to all work we deliver, we are a strong partner for development and production.
Our work is known for warmth, clarity and subtle humor. We help bring science, education and kind messages.”
/GoodJobStudios, 2018
"This wasn’t a simple lesson and you’ve been incredibly thoughtful receiving and implementing our feedback. We really appreciate your dedication and creativity! We’d love to collaborate with you again! Please do let us know when you have further availability."
Gerta Xhelo
TED-Ed Production
"The collaboration went extremely smooth not least because of Henrik’s friendly, fun and relaxed manner, his good skills of project management and of course his great talent for creating beautiful illustrations and animations that are very unique and hits the the target audience perfectly. Hoping for the opportunity to collaborate again!"
Jeanette Westh