TESTIMONIALS : what do others say about GoodJobStudios?

“This wasn’t a simple lesson and you’ve been incredibly thoughtful receiving and implementing our feedback. We really appreciate your dedication and creativity! We’d love to collaborate with you again! Please do let us know when you have further availability.”

Gerta Xhelo, TED-Ed Production
Project : TED ED Pascals Triangle

“Jeg synes virkelig, at du har lavet nogle gode film. Good job :-)”

Søren Holm, Forum 100%
Projects : Drug Abuse Prevention (Danish Ministry of Health)

“I worked with Henrik on a global educational project for young students (www.soboscambodia.dk). The collaboration went extremely smooth not least because of Henrik’s friendly, fun and relaxed manner, his good skills of project management and of course his great talent for creating beautiful illustrations and animations that are very unique and hits the the target audience perfectly. Hoping for the opportunity to collaborate again!”

Jeanette Westh, mundu.dk
Project : Sombos Cambodia

“Forrygende forskningsformidling!”

Professor Lisa Gjedde, Department of Learning and Philosophy, Aalborg University

“Et virkelig fedt visuelt univers, du har skabt til projektet. Stor ros herfra!”

Janus Hecht, Cand. Merc. Fil./MSc Business Administration and Philosophy
Project : Edularp

“Jeg er meget glad for filmen og har fået masser af positiv feed back allerede.”

Marie Helene Jakobsen, CEO Viamedica
Project : Viamedica