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MUSIC : If I Got Up

GOODJOBSTUDIOS composed music for the interactive children’s book: ‘If I Got Up’
The book can be bought here:
‘If I Got Up’ was a made by: Andreas Husballe (animator, illustrator):
and Rasmus Dahl Møller (primary school teacher)
The book it self:

MUSIC : Tingleby

In janurary 2012 Sandra at ISAK asked GOODJOBSTUDIOS to make music for an animation that promotes their online store.
Design by Sandra Isaksson; animation by Lisa Huxstep.
Check out ISAK:

MUSIC : ‘Universum Der Ozeane’

The game can be played here: ‪‬
AWARDS: red dot award serious games award 2011
Goodjobtudios was asked by Shift Control (Copenhagen) to make music and sound for a project they where making in cooperation with Hosoya Shafer and Unity Studios. Continue reading