SOUND DESIGN & MUSIC : GoodJobStudios reel

GoodJobStudios sound design & music showreel: a compilation of music compositions and sound design made by GoodJobStudios.

SOUND DESIGN & MUSIC : First Shopping Trip Alone

GoodJobStudios made the sound-design and original music for Sachiko Matsui‘s short film ‘First Shopping Trip Alone’:

ANIMATION : Viamedica – company promo

A GoodJobStudios animated promotion film for Viamedica: a danish consultancy within healthcare, that guides seriously ill patients to a faster treatment. Roles: script, design, direction, animation and music.

Thanks to Viborg Municipality.


In 2014 GoodJobStudios wrote and performed sound and music for the film Jäälind, by Chintis Lundgren.

The film looks and sounds like this:

Later Henrik Malmgren (GoodJobStudios) made a remix of the music:

Download the song at:

Adriatic Game Jam : Talking about music for games

Excited to announce that Henrik is going to Pula, Croatia, for the Adriatic Game Jam to speak about music for games!
Adriatic Game Jam is being made possible through the hard work of

MUSIC : Ranger Dash Run Soldier Run : Android game

This is a remix of the in-game music. Download the song at:
Download the game ‘Ranger Dash Run Soldier Run’ at:
Music : Henrik Malmgren (GoodJobStudios)
Publisher :
Graphics: Nikki Starostka, Dennis Jensen at
Programming: Dennis Jensen

MUSIC + SOUND : Volcano Killer

Download the Volcano Killer theme at:
Download the Volcano Killer game at:
Music : Henrik Malmgren (GoodJobStudios)
Producer : Thomas-Bo Huusmann
Graphics: Tore Poulsen and Bjørn Højlund Rasmussen
Programming: Alexander Birke, Rasmus Heeger Jensen and Nicolai Brobak

MUSIC : Tingleby

In janurary 2012 Sandra at ISAK asked GOODJOBSTUDIOS to make music for an animation that promotes their online store.
Design by Sandra Isaksson; animation by Lisa Huxstep.
Check out ISAK: